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Network Cabling, Structured Cabling & Wiring Services

15+ Years

15+ Years

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Broadwire Networks

Network Cabling and Structured Cabling and Wiring Services

A rock-solid communications infrastructure is essential to running a business in the digital era. From voice and applications to everyday data, it is the foundation for today’s most important technologies. However, if you want the best communications infrastructure for your organization, you need a team of network cabling experts on your side. Click here to learn more about network wiring standards.Broadwire Networks is your one-stop shop for certified network cabling and wiring solutions. Our staff comprises licensed BICSI engineers, technicians, and other network specialists who are dedicated to helping you create the best communications infrastructure.

Reliable Structured Cabling Matters

While typically kept out of sight, cables and wires are critical to business operations. The network’s reliability is ultimately determined by how these components are installed and managed at the data center level.Structured cabling eliminates poorly maintained wires—one of the biggest culprits of unplanned downtime. A byproduct of this organization is a network that runs at optimal speed while leaving much less room for human error. Moreover, structured cabling is designed with future-proofing in mind. When properly installed, any necessary migrations, additions, or changes can be implemented without the hassle of significant overhauls or messy wires—meaning you can embrace new technology with minimal disruptions.

Why Broadwire Networks

As a low-voltage contractor, Broadwire Networks offers a broad range of network cabling and wiring installation services, including:

Structured Cabling Design

Voice and Data Cabling (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a)

Fiber Optic Cabling (ISP and OSP)

Coaxial Cabling

Network Cabling Testing and Certification

Network equipment installation including Wireless Access Points (WAPs)


Migrations, Add-ons, and Update

Count on Broadwire Networks for Your Network Cabling and Wiring Needs

Don’t wait until a cyberattack disrupts your operations and tarnishes your reputation. Partner with Broadwire Networks and Avast Business Software to fortify your defenses and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your business is in safe hands. Contact Broadwire Networks today to take the first step towards a more secure digital future.

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